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The top five things you should ask your Dj before booking

Let's face it. Planning an event is tough. Getting the entertainment for your event can be an even tougher task. That's why if you're ever planning an event that needs a DJ you should ask these five things:

  1. Do you require a deposit and a signed contract before booking?

This should be a no brainer, but you'd be surprised the amount of DJ's that just go off of good merit that they will show up to your event. Unless it's previously discussed, every DJ should require some form of a deposit and a signed contract (that is then signed by the DJ themself) in order to insure that you will have entertainment for your guests. By doing this it holds the DJ responsible for coming to your event and making sure that everything goes off without a hitch and your guests will have a great time. 2. Do you have a website/social media page? Once again, kind of a no brainer. This might be the third most asked question I get from potential clients besides "Are you available for X date" and "How much do you charge". In this day and age having a website or social media presence is essential. Having photo or video evidence of your potential DJ rocking out a party will definitely help in your decision to book them. That's not to say that the DJ's that don't have a website or social media presence can't rock your party, but unless you've personally been to those parties, being able to see how they can control a crowd is critical. 3. Do you or can you stream music on Pandora/Spotify/YouTube etc.? This one sometimes gets swept under the rug with the way that we all consume music now. I won't say that I haven't streamed a few songs from Spotify or some other streaming service when I was in a pinch (they're few and far in between), but if your DJ strictly streams off of Spotify, Pandora, YouTube or whatever streaming service RUN. To make it short, streaming music in a capacity to where you're entertaining a multitude of guests is technically illegal. That's why we at Quiet Desperado Entertainment make sure that all of our music is bought legally through iTunes, Amazon Music, other DJ pools, and where ever else we can legally purchase it. It also makes for a very stress free event. You don't want your music cutting out because you have to wait for it to buffer or even worse, not play at all because your DJ needs WiFi in order to play the playlist they have. The DJ should have a hard drive (whether it be internal or external) of music that has legally purchased music and ready to go. 4. Are you able to Emcee the event? Some events might not need an emcee but in the case that you do, your DJ should have the capability to emcee and be comfortable on the microphone. Being a good DJ and a good emcee are not mutually exclusive though, and there are some people that know that they can kill it on the turntables but lock up whenever they have to get on the mic and vice versa. If the DJ is unable to emcee the event, ask them if they are going to provide one for you and if it is included in the final price. 5. Do you pre-plan events? Probably one of the most important questions you can/should ask your DJ. A Dj should not be someone that just shows up to your events with their equipment and start playing music. Each event is different and may have a different vibe so you want to know your DJ is prepared. You wouldn't want a DJ to show up with nothing but club bangers for a gala event. Make sure to talk with your DJ about what type of music should be played and how to effectively get your guests engaged. The next time you're planning an event, whether it be a wedding, birthday party, corporate dinner, or a private event just make sure to have these questions in mind to ask your DJ.

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