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Want to learn more about our wedding package names?

Our package names derive from 90s and 2000s hip hop albums. Here, we'll go a bit more in depth and even give them a listen.

"36 Chambers": The full name of this album is "Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)". Not only is this the first wedding package, but it is also the first album for the Wu. This album is extremely influential to hip hop as it introduces us to the Wu-Tang clan (and gives us a plethora of hit songs) but also shows the world that nine rappers, all with different styles, can come together on one project to create something that hasn't been, and probably never will be, replicated again. Give it a listen by clicking here.

"The Cool": This is the second studio album from Lupe Fiasco. The album takes its name from a song called "The Cool" from his first album called "Food & Liquor". The entire album expands on the original song with the idea that everything that we as consumers think is "cool" is personified into a young man named Michael Young History. Lupe takes you through this characters entire life while introducing The Streets (a female love interest) and The Game (hustlers, pimps, con artists personified). It's a great concept album that is severely underrated. Give it a listen by clicking here.

"Midnight Marauders": The third studio album from A Tribe Called Quest. "Midnight Marauders" takes inspiration from jazz, funk, soul, and R&B samples, to go along with its positive and often humorous lyrics. In the hip hop community ATCQ are praised for "upping the ante" from their second studio album "The Low End Theory. Coincidentally, this album and Wu-Tang's "36 Chambers" were released on the same day (November 9, 1993). Give it a listen by clicking here.

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